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Council on Fire Prevention

Per W.S. 35-9-103, the Council consists of five (5) members appointed by the Governor for six (6) year terms. Members shall each represent counties or municipalities, firefighters, the Electrical Board, an association of architects or an association of general contractors and the general public. 

The Council adopts rules and regulations to establish minimum fire standards not exceeding the standards prescribed by the International Fire Code, the International Building Code and the International Mechanical Code for the following:
  • All new building construction;
  • The prevention of fire and the protection of life and property from fire and panic in all existing buildings;
  • The safeguarding of life and property from hazards of fire and explosion arising from storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, materials and devices.
They recommend minimum standards for the conservation of energy in new residential and public buildings. The standards shall result in energy savings. They also recommend minimum standards for qualification of inspectors for political subdivisions.

The council shall investigate the conduct of the divisions, have access to records of the divisions and may require written or oral information from any officer or employee of the Department. The Council shall hear appeals to determine the suitability of alternate materials and type of construction and to interpret and grant variances from rules and regulations of the Council.