Apprentice Technicians

Apprentice Low Voltage/Limited Technician
New & Renewal 20.00

New Apprentice Technicians:  If you have never held a Wyoming Apprentice License you must begin the processes of licensing within 10 days of the start of employment.
  • OJT Form: If you have On the Job Training (OJT) from another state you may submit those hours at your initial application ONLY. You can not submit hours past 6/30 of the current apprentice year.  You will need to provide a OJT form or a letter from your out of state past or present employer.  These documents will be reviewed to determine if they can be credited to your new license. A link below is there for you to download a copy of a Wyoming OJT form to give to your out of state employer(s). 
  • OJT Letter: If providing a letter from past or current out of state employer(s) it must be on a company letterhead with your name on it and include a description of the low voltage category your apprenticeship was in.  It must include the company and supervisors licenses numbers (if applicable) and be signed and notarized by the employer.
  • Previous and Existing License Form:  You will need to fill out and upload into your application a Previous and Existing License Form that lists the licenses in which you are requesting OJT credit (if applicable). You must also list any and all licenses you have held even if not requesting OJT credit. 

Renewals and Reinstatement's for Apprentice Technicians:  If you have or have had a Wyoming Apprentice License below are the guidelines for renewal of your license.

  • OJT Form: If you have On the Job Training (OJT) you will need to submit a OJT form completed by your employer and signed by the licensed supervising Technician you worked under. This will need to include a description of the low voltage category you worked in.  This form must be filled out in its entirety and uploaded inside your apprentice renewal application.  Failure to do so may result in delayed processing or denial of your application.  
  • The Apprentice Year: The apprentice year runs from 7/1 of the previous year to 6/30 of the current year.  If you try to submit OJT from a previous year or after the current apprentice year date you application will denied until you submit a correct OJT form with the current apprentice year and hours.  

Applying for the Technician Exam

Below is the list of OJT hours requirements for each Technician license.  If you have met the required hours you can apply for the Technician exam.  

Low Voltage General - 4000 hours.  
Low Voltage Alarms - 3000 hours
Low Voltage Communications - 500 hours 
Low Voltage Sound - 500 hours
Low Voltage Television - 500 hours
Low Voltage Controls - 1000 hours
Lawn Sprinkler Systems - 80 hours

Limited Elevator - 4000 hours
Limited Electric Signs - 4000 hours 
Limited Well & Irrigation - 4000 hours
Limited Light Fixtures - 1000 hours 
Limited HVAC & Air Conditioning - 4000 hours


Step 1 Log into your eLicense portal account
Step 2 Click on "Applications"
Step 3 You will see the application "Electrical Exam".  Click on the yellow "Apply Now" button.  
Step 4 If approved you will receive an email within 5 business days with your authorization and next steps. 

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