W.S. 35-9-120

Minimum requirements for electrical installations; permits; inspections; fees.

(a)  The installation of electric equipment in or on buildings, mobile homes and premises shall be made subject to the applicable minimum requirements of the National Electrical Code.  To the extent that any provision in the International Fire Code, the International Building Code, the International Mechanical Code, the International Existing Building Code and the International Fuel Gas Code conflicts with the standards prescribed by the National Electrical Code, the National Electrical Code shall control.

(b)  The chief electrical inspector and his deputies:

(i)  Have the right of ingress or egress to all buildings or other structures owned or leased by the state or local governmental entities during reasonable working hours to make electrical inspections;

(ii)  May inspect any building or structure:

(A)  With a search warrant issued by a district court after a finding of probable cause that there is a violation of state law regarding electrical installations; or

(B)  At any time during construction and within thirty (30) days after completion of the installation for which an electrical wiring permit was issued or an electrical plan review was performed.

(iii)  Shall inspect any building or structure within five (5) business days of the request of the owner or the general or electrical contractor installing the electrical equipment.

(c)  For any requested electrical inspection conducted or electrical wiring permit issued by the chief electrical inspector or his deputy, a fee established by the department by rule shall be paid by the person or contractor making the request.  The electrical wiring permit fee shall be waived for anyone requesting and paying for an electrical inspection.  The fees established by the department shall not exceed the following:

(i)  Electrical inspection fees for requested inspections: 

(A)  Each residential unit ..............$20.00

plus $.50 per ampere rating of the electrical service;

(B)  Mobile home services ...............$20.00

plus $.50 per ampere rating of mobile home;

(C)  Temporary services ...........$40.00 each;

(D)  Remodels of residential units ......$20.00

plus 2% of the value of any electrical installation included in the remodel;

(E)  All other electrical installations .$20.00

plus $.50 per ampere rating of the electrical service;

(F)  Reinspections ......................$50.00

plus $.20 per ampere rating of the electrical service.

(ii)  Electrical wiring permit fees. .........$50.00

(d)  Inspection fees pursuant to paragraph (c)(i) of this section shall be charged for requested inspections made on installations that are not under new construction or remodeling.

(e)  No person shall install electrical equipment in new construction or remodeling, if the remodeling requires a public utility to connect or disconnect and restore electrical power, of a building, mobile home or premises without obtaining an electrical wiring permit. No public utility shall energize an electrical service for an electrical installation which requires an electrical wiring permit until the person responsible for the electrical installation has obtained an electrical wiring permit. A utility may energize an electrical service in an emergency situation without proof that an electrical wiring permit has been obtained, however the utility shall notify the department of the action as soon as possible, but in no case later than five (5) days following the date that the electrical service was energized. Electrical wiring permits shall be issued by the chief electrical inspector upon request. Each permit shall explain procedures and costs for permits and requested inspections conducted by the chief electrical inspector or his deputy electrical inspectors.  This subsection does not apply to municipalities and counties granted local enforcement authority for electrical safety standards under W.S. 35‑9‑121 and to exempt installations under W.S. 35‑9‑123(a)(ii) through (v).

(f)  Sixty percent (60%) of the fees collected pursuant to subsection (c) of this section shall be deposited in a separate account for the purpose of providing additional state electrical inspectors. Forty percent (40%) of the fees collected pursuant to subsection (c) of this section shall be deposited in the general fund.