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Wyoming Fire Safe Cigarettes


Effective July 1, 2011, in accordance with the Wyoming Reduced Cigarette Ignition Standard, W.S. 35-9-804, each cigarette manufacturer shall certify in writing to the state fire marshal:

(i) Each cigarette listed in the certification has been tested pursuant to W.S. 35-9-803;

(ii) Each cigarette listed in the certification meets the performance standard set forth in W.S. 35-9-803.
To complete your cigarette style certification, in accordance with W.S. 35-9-804, please fill out a State of Wyoming Certification Cigarette Manufacturer Application. Manufacturers will need to re-certify cigarettes every three (3) years. Applications must be notarized. Please submit payment and application to:

Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety
320 West 25th St. 3rd Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Attn: Steve Skoranski