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NFA Hand off Courses

1. Requesting course materials and handouts: 
~ Rebecca will be able to help obtain any course materials and handouts after having cleared the request through Ian       Kraft the Training Manager.

2. Forms that must be completed for the course: 
~ NFA 119-25-2 forms must be completed by each student. 
~ NFA forms must be signed. 
~ NFA forms must contain the SID number 
~ If SID# is not included the course certificate cannot be issued 
~ Course roster 
A course roster must be completed by the instructor and signed by the students; Pass/Fail must be noted by the instructor. 
~ Course quizzes 
The students must be tested at the end of the course; the instructor must grade the quiz and return to the Certification Office. 

3. Issuance of Certificates: 
~ The Certification Office will enter the course information into the Online Training Database and issue the course               certificates. 
~ Course certificates will be mailed to the address on the roster, either fire department or individual address. 
~ The NFA 119-25-2 forms will be sent to the NFA so each student’s course work is available by transcript if requested. 
~ Course certificates cannot be issued if the student has not signed the roster and submitted an NFA form with their            SID#.