The State of Wyoming has adopted the new 2015 International Codes. This includes the International Fire Code, International Building Code, International Fuel & Gas Code, International Mechanical Code, and the International Existing Building Code. These codes are now in effect for our agency's area of jurisdiction. Per Wyoming State Statue, municipalities and counties who have local jurisdiction must adopt these new 2015 codes by July 1, 2016.

All new plan review submissions must be compliant with the 2015 International Codes.

*Notice for Licenses Expiring on 7/1/2016*

All Contractor licenses, LTD/LV Technician licenses and certain Master Electrician licenses expire on 7/1/2016. Our ability to process these by 7/1/2016 may be hampered by limited staffing. Accordingly, we will honor any otherwise valid renewal application received or postmarked by 8/15/2016 without penalty. We do not recommend renewals to be done in person and ask that they be done via US mail.

Fire Safety New Year Resolution

Wintertime Home Safety Practices

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