Wiring Permits

Do I need a wiring permit?

An electrical wiring permit shall be obtained prior to beginning any new construction or remodeling of any building, mobile home, or premises if the work will require a public utility to connect or disconnect and restore electrical power. Electrical permits are not required for installations exempt under W.S. 35-9-123 (a)(ii) through (v), unless the electrical work is being performed by a person or company acting as a subcontractor for the exempt person, partnership, or corporation and the electrical work is governed by the National Electrical Code.

**All Alternative Energy will require a plan review.  Click the link to be directed to this page:  Plan Review Packets

How much is a wiring permit? 

Temporary Wiring Permits $40.00 - Electrical permits for temporary power will be issued for a period of ninety (90) days as set forth in Article 305 of The National Electrical Code, unless the permittee requests a longer duration. An electrical wiring permit is required for a temporary service.

Wiring Permits - A fee of $50.00 shall be paid for any electrical wiring permit issued by the Department. The electrical wiring permit fee shall be waived for anyone requesting and paying for an electrical inspection.
(See Guaranteed Inspection Fee Chart below for inspection fees)

Who is my Inspector?

Electrical Inspectors for The State of Wyoming

Jon Faler     
Sheridan, Johnson, Town of Wright, Crook County, Weston County  

Edward Gross III  
Big Horn, Park, Washakie

Rick Michon
 307-359-0996Converse, Niobrara, Platte,Goshen

Borgia Noel 
Carbon, Albany, Laramie (Pine Bluffs, Burns,& Albin only)

Steven Greenwell 
Lincoln, Uinta, Sublette, Sweetwater
Teton - (Licensing Only)

Dan Tobin
Hot Springs, Fremont

How do I apply for a wiring permit?

Click on the link below that applies to you.  You will be directed to an basic instruction page based on what kind of an applicant you are.  At the bottom of the instruction page will be a link to access the Wyoming eLicense Portal.  Please save the link to your browser for quick access.

If you have questions contact William O'Donnell @ 307-777-7992 or email william.odonnell@wyo.gov