The Wyoming Fire Chief's Association has accepted an award for the 2015 FEMA SAFER Recruitment and Retention Grant! This new opportunity continues programs previously administered to the volunteer fire service such as:

Supplemental Travel Reimbursement for State Approved Training
College Scholarships
Physicals & Immunizations
Officer Development & Leadership Symposium

If your department is interested in participating with the new SAFER grant, your Fire Chief or designee will need to thoroughly review the 2015 WFCA SAFER Grant Application Packet and submit the application and survey contained within. Every participating department must fill out the paperwork regardless of previous participation. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this great tool to provide our State's volunteers with these much needed benefits. Any questions can be directed to the Program Coordinator, Ian Kraft, at the Wyoming Fire Academy. You can call (307) 856-6776 or email


The State of Wyoming has adopted the new 2015 International Codes. This includes the International Fire Code, International Building Code, International Fuel & Gas Code, International Mechanical Code, and the International Existing Building Code. These codes are now in effect for our agency's area of jurisdiction. Per Wyoming State Statue, municipalities and counties who have local jurisdiction must adopt these new 2015 codes by July 1, 2016.

All new plan review submissions must be compliant with the 2015 International Codes.

 *Notice for Electrical Apprentice Licenses Expiring on 9/1/2016*

All apprentice renewals must be submitted using new application forms located here:

Please note that there are new procedures and it is imperative to carefully read and study the included instructions. A key difference is that you must only submit OJT hours that were accrued during the 2015/2016 Electrical Apprentice reporting period of 7/1/2015 thru 6/30/2016. Do not submit OJT hours that were earned prior to or after these dates.

We realize that this may hamper your ability to meet the normal 9/1/2016 deadline. As such we are extending the renewal date to 10/1/2016.

If you have questions on completing the new application please call the Department at 307-777-7288.     

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