Statewide Training

Below you will find information about different training and class events through out the state. They will be listed in order of the dates they will be held, so please scroll all the way down to view information about training in the future. To register for a class go to: unless otherwise stated. 

                       2018 STATEWIDE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES

   Decision Making for Initial Operations

DATE: March 23, 2018 – March 24, 2018

TIME:  6:00 PM – 10:00 PM Friday

           8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday

LOCATION:  Douglas Fire Department, 230 N. 2nd Street, Douglas, WY 82633

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This two-day course is designed to develop the decision-making skills needed by Company Officers (COs) to accomplish assigned tactics at structure fires. All activities and scenarios used in this course are based on structure fires. With the real possibility of being the first to arrive at an incident, the CO’s initial decisions will have an impact throughout the entire incident. It is vital that COs be able to make good management decisions that have a favorable impact on the eventual outcome. In addition to a possible role as the initial Incident Commander, the CO may well be assigned a subordinate position within the Incident Command System organization. COs need to have a clear understanding of the system, the position that they are assigned to, and their role in the organization if they are to function effectively and help make the system work.

INSTRUCTOR:  Eric Siwik – DFPES Trainer

QUESTIONS: Any questions can be directed to Eric Siwik by using the following contact information.


Office- 307-857-6820

Cell- 307-214-0609

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 Fire Inspector I

Date/s:  Mar 26 – Mar 30

Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location:  Evansville Community Center, 71 Curtis St Evansville, WY

Instructor: Richard Embrey



Phone: 307-673-0356


Pre-requisites:  Hazmat Awareness, IS – 100 and IS - 700

Course Description:  This Fire Inspector training is designed to help you prepare to take the Fire Inspector I certification exam. The course will familiarize participants with:

1.1 The responsibilities of a fire inspector and the knowledge required to perform the job

1.2 The use and application of NFPA codes and standards

1.3 Fire and life safety principles and how they are applied

1.4 Requirements associated with the storage, handling and use IFSTAof flammable and combustible liquids and gases

1.5 Requirements associated with the storage, handling and use of hazardous materials

1.6 Requirements for fire alarm and suppression systems

1.7 The program is based on the job requirements found in NFPA 1031: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner, 2014 Edition.

Required Manual: IFSTA Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 8th Edition.

 To order manual contact Rebecca Bestul at 307-856-6776 or email

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 Firefighter II Online                      

Date:  March 25, 2018 - April 21, 2018  

Instructor: Jerome King


Phone: 307-777-5475

Pre-requisites: Must be a member of a Wyoming based Emergency Services organization in good standing. Each participant must be certified at the Firefighter I level. Complete ICS-200: Introduction to ICS.

Course Description:  This is a four week, cognitive, progressive, firefighting program. This course is designed to promote knowledge and skills to achieve NFPA 1001 Firefighter II qualifications. Students are required to complete all assignments. Pre-requisites to attaining Wyoming State Firefighter II and National Certifications can be found on the Wyoming State Fire Marshal's website.

Course Objectives: At the end of this course the candidate will be prepared to meet the cognitive written test requirements set forth by NFPA 1001 2013 Edition and Wyoming Firefighters Certification System for the Firefighter II Standard. Further course objectives are outlined in the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations.

Required Manual: IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting, 6th Ed. To order a manual contact Rebecca Bestul at 307-856-6776 or email

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 Fire Instructor I Online

Date: March 25, 2018 - April 28, 2018

Instructor: Eric Siwik


Phone: 307-857-6820 (O), 307-214-0609 (C)

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to provide personnel with basic information necessary to meet the JPR’s of NFPA 1041 for Instructor I. In addition company officer candidates who wish to meet the JPR’s of NFPA 1021 Officer I must also certify to Instructor I.

Course Description: The course prepares the student to deliver instruction from a prepared lesson plan and other responsibilities including assembling course materials, use of instructional aids and evaluation tools, reviewing and adapting lesson plans to meet the needs of individual students, groups, and the AHJ. Organizes the teaching environment to maximize the learning experience and provides a safe learning environment. Presents a lesson from a prepared plan, adjusting the presentation as required to ensure that objectives are attained. Prepares and maintains training records in accordance with the requirements of the jurisdiction.

Required Manual: IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 8th Ed. To order manual contact Rebecca Bestul at 307-856-6776 or email

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 Fire Instructor II Online

Date:  May 6, 2018 - May 26, 2018

Instructor: Dalton Sanders


Phone: 307-857-6820

Notes: This class will be done online.  The State written exam will be offered upon completion of this course. 

Pre-requisites: Must be Firefighter II and Fire Instructor I certified.  

Course Description:  A fire service instructor who, in addition to meeting Instructor I qualifications, has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to develop individual lesson plans for a specific topic including learning objectives, instructional aids, and evaluation instruments; schedule training sessions based on overall training plan of authority having jurisdiction; and supervise and coordinate the activities of other instructors.

Required Manual: IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor 8th Ed. To order manual contact Rebecca Bestul at 307-856-6776 or email

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