Electrical Safety

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Electrical Division Updates

We’ve had many changes this year in our division. The director

retired in August and Mark Young was appointed as the interim

director. One of our long time inspectors, Ed Gross, passed away

unexpectedly. We are now working furiously to fill his position. In

the meantime, we are asking everyone to contact Dan Tobin for

inspections in Ed’s area of coverage. We are working furiously to

bring the language in Department Rules and Wyoming Board rules to

a place where it more closely reflects the many changes and

advances in the electrical industry that we have seen in the past years

and foresee in the coming future. The technology in the electrical

industry is advancing at a pace that we are working to keep ahead of.

We haven’t changed our licensing standards and we are still, as

always, here to serve the electricians of the State of Wyoming and the

citizens of the State of Wyoming with public safety and making sure

those we license are qualified to work with electricity and the

changing standards.

We appreciate all that you do for the State of Wyoming and the people

of this State. Keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to contact us

if you need anything.

Jane Allred

Chief Electrical Inspector

Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety

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