Firefighter Health & Safety

 Wyoming Fire Service,


Recent trends in the American Fire Service have led to a majority of states to adopt presumptive legislation to protect and assist firefighters and their families if they develop cancer or experience a cardiac event that can be linked to the unique and inherently dangerous work environment we work in. 

The 2017 Legislative session saw Wyoming join those states with this important legislation. This webpage was developed to provide a repository of resources to assist you and your family in helping to do all that you can to prevent hearing those awful words “you have cancer” or “you are having a heart attack”.   The worst words are the ones you will not hear at all; that you are a LODD due to something that may have been preventable.  Your family, friends, fellow firefighters and community will be on the receiving end of that awful message.

The intent of the webpage is to provide some basic resources to you for your consideration and to allow you to share anything that might help a fellow firefighter within your own department or across our great state.  Please use these resources to have a healthy career and retirement.  Choose your last call; don’t let the choice be made for you.