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Notes from the Chief

Notes from the Chief

Hello all. As you probably know, I love electricity. It fascinates me that we are trained to work with a power so dangerous it can kill you, but if handled correctly, even the very youngest and most vulnerable child can use it. I find it amazing that my three year old granddaughter turns on the lights, turns on the TV, charges her mom’s phone, and sleeps in a room with a heater running all without any fear or knowledge of the power at her fingertips. I used to tease my college roommates that I knew how to electrify the doorknobs to their rooms if they didn’t behave. It was wickedly fun to watch them touch their doorknobs with hesitancy in fear because they knew electricity could hurt them. As a disclaimer, I wouldn’t do that, but it was fun to know that I could. You are all amazing to have chosen this profession.

Coming up November 15 through 21 is National Apprenticeship Week. This is a national celebration of those who choose apprenticeship as a direction for their career. Check the link in our website to a program of recognizing one super apprentice each day. Nomination forms will be available and after a difficult review and choice, one person will be highlighted on our website each day during apprentice week.

“Since Jan. 1, 2017, over 800,000 Americans have found employment through apprenticeship. More than 90 percent of workers who complete an apprenticeship earn an average of $70,000 annually, and 94 percent are retained in employment six months after completion.”

The statement above was taken from U.S. Department of Labor press release.

I can’t express how important and valuable I believe apprentice training to be. I can say from personal experience that I attended college and it did nothing to further my career. I then attended the electrical apprentice training program in Idaho and my career skyrocketed and opportunities opened for me. I was able to support my family and make a good living.

The work is hard I won’t lie, but so very satisfying when you realize that you are part of something so important. You are the behind the scenes protectors of the public. You can smile when you see a new school, a home, or a business that you were part of. You alone know how many people access those places and do so without worry or fear.

I hope everyone will consider membership in the IAEI. It’s not just for inspectors. It’s open to all electricians and apprentices. There are many opportunities to network with others in the field and talk about situations to reach equitable resolutions across the field of inspector, installer, and customer. It gives you the opportunity to meet others in the field and to obtain worthwhile training.

As always, our office is here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or needs.

Thank you for all you do for Wyoming.

Jane Allred

Chief Electrical Inspector