Electrical Safety Updates

Notes from the Chief

As electricians we have all seen good and bad installations. It is the goal of the Electrical Safety Division to eliminate the bad installations. Of course, we can't be everywhere, so we count on those who see bad installations to let us know so that we can investigate. By doing so, we can protect the integrity of electrical installations in Wyoming and protect the electricians and electrical contractors who are licensed in the State. We are here to help you and our staff is happy to serve the electricians of Wyoming. The International Association of Electrical Inspectors provides access to great training and knowledgeable vendors and staff that are ready and willing to answer questions. The organization is not just for inspectors. It is a networking tool to bring electricians, contractors, apprentices, and inspectors together. They are able to discuss many code issues. Installers are able to address issues they might have between the code and the installation of equipment with the inspectors and reach an equitable solution. Every electrician and apprentice would do well to consider membership in the Wyoming Chapter of the IAEI. https://wyomingiaei.com The current President is Rick Michon.

As the division has gone to electronic licensing and permitting we have seen a great increase in our ability to send out pertinent information, enforce licensing, and issue wiring permits quickly and easily.

Just as a note, we have also updated our plan review process. All plan reviews are submitted electronically. Fees are based on charts provided by the ICC which puts all projects on an equal plane. These reviews are more easily and quickly reviewed to keep projects moving. All forms of alternative energy such as PV and wind generation that are not part of a public utility require a plan review for code compliance before installation. All cell tower installations require a plan review.

Feel free to contact our office with any questions. We are happy to be of assistance.

Thank you for all you do for Wyoming.

Jane Allred

Chief Electrical Inspector