Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division provides fire & life safety plan review services, plan review fire inspections, fire maintenance inspections, and community risk reduction services. 

Fire & life safety plan reviews are conducted to ensure construction planning documents comply with State adopted codes and standards. Agency plan review services include fire & life safety code review of public buildings, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, special hazard systems, commercial kitchen hoods, and above ground storage tanks. The Electrical Division conducts electrical plan reviews.  Plan Review 

Plan review fire inspections are performed to ensure public buildings are being constructed to the specifications of the approved plan sets. These inspections occur at different times during the construction of the buildings. Upon completion and the passing of all inspections a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Compliance is issued.

Fire maintenance inspections are conducted in existing public buildings to ensure the buildings are maintaining and complying with adopted fire & life safety codes. These fire maintenance inspections are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year. These fire maintenance inspections occur in hotels/motels, restaurants, bars, day cares, mercantile, businesses, and industrial buildings. 

Community risk reduction (CRR) services include fire safety prevention, fire safety education, injury prevention, data analysis of fire problems, and the implementation of various solutions to reduce identified fire problems. The Wyoming State Fire Marshal's Office has partnered with many Wyoming Fire Departments and has created a community risk reduction team called "307CRR". This CRR team works closely together to identify fire problems across Wyoming and implement solutions to reduce those fire problems, fire injuries, and fire deaths. 307CRR