Wyoming Fire Academy

Structural Training


Registration: Registration for all structural courses at the Wyoming Fire Academy can be found online at:


You will need to create a free username and password to log in to the above site, register for courses, and receive your email confirmation. Please provide a valid email address during this process.

* Note: All National Fire Academy courses require an General Admissions Application online form and Student Identification Number (SID) to register. Click here to register for your free Student Identification Number (SID). The online General Admission Application will open the day before the class begins and stays open for fourteen (14) days after class has concluded. To open the online application Click here.

Live fire training at the Wyoming Fire Academy requires a completed Live Fire Verification Form in order to participate.

All classes are conducted at the Wyoming Fire Academy unless otherwise noted.

Structural Course Coordinator:

Eric Siwik

Training Coordinator, Riverton Offic

The Training Coordinator develops and reviews fire training curriculum, schedules classes at the Wyoming Fire Academy, oversees the blended online learning program and is liaison to the National Fire Academy.

Wyoming Fire Academy Office: 307-857-6820

2500 Academy Court         Cell: 307-214-0609

Riverton, WY 82501 Email: eric.siwik@wyo.gov

Wildfire Training 


Registration for wildfire courses at the Wyoming Fire Academy can be found online at: 


* Please provide a valid email address during this process.

NWCG Nomination Forms are no longer required by the Wyoming Fire Academy to be submitted for registration.

Tuition: $75.00 per class for Wyoming based students $100-$300 per class for students based outside the state of Wyoming

* Cancellation Policy: You must cancel two weeks prior to the start of class to avoid being charged for the class. If you fail to cancel within the two week time frame you (or your organization) will be charged full course tuition for holding your spot.

Questions/Payments: Please contact Jody Wheeler, WFA Administrative Assistant at 307-856-6776 or jody.wheeler1@wyo.gov.

All classes are conducted at the Wyoming Fire Academy unless otherwise noted.

This training is brought to you as a cooperative effort between the Wyoming State Forestry Division and Wyoming State Fire Marshal's Office.

To see the Wyoming State Forestry Division Training calendar click here.

Wildfire Course Coordinator: 

Ryan DeFord

Fire Training Specialist, Riverton Offic

The Fire Training Specialist develops and reviews wild fire training curriculum, schedules classes at the Wyoming Fire Academy and provides for regional wild fire training delivery around the State.

Wyoming Fire Academy

2500 Academy Court         Cell: 307-286-2297

Riverton, WY 82501 Email: ryan.deford@wyo.gov

NFA Courses

* To reduce the risk of identity theft, FEMA, the National Fire Academy (NFA), and the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) eliminated the use of the Social Security Number (SSN) on all student applications. All applicants are required to obtain a SID which will be used in place of your social security number (SSN). 

Information for Instructors:

* Please make sure that all students are listed on the roster with information as to where certificate will be sent. Please also indicate whether the student has passed or failed the class.

         Roster Form

Information for Students:

* Note: You will NOT receive a certificate unless you provide the SID on your application.

* To register for an SID, click here. The SID number must be used in place of the SSN on your General Admissions Application and the General Admissions Application Short Form.

* For questions and steps to obtain your FEMA Student Identification (SID) number, click here: Certification Notice.

* The form below is to be used for the two (2) day (12) hour courses:

         General Admissions Application Short Form

* The form below is to be used for the longer six (6) day courses:

         General Admissions Application

* Click the following to request:

NFA Course Transcripts

NFA Course Certificate Emails, etc.

* Note: Have your SID number, email and course information ready.

NFA Course Request Process

1.    The NFA Course Catalog can be searched at the following link


2.    Forms that must be completed for the course: 

a.    NFA 119-25-2 forms must be completed by each student.

NFA forms must be signed. 

b.    NFA forms must contain the SID# 

If SID# is not included the course certificate cannot be issued 

c.    Course roster 

A course roster must be completed by the instructor and signed by the students; P/F must be noted by the instructor. 

d.    Course quizzes 

The students must be tested at the end of the course; the instructor must grade the quiz and return to the Certification Office. 

3.    Issuance of Certificates 

a.    The Certification Office will enter the course information into the Online Training Database and issue the course certificates. 

b.    Course certificates will be mailed to the address on the roster, either fire department or individual address. 

c.    The NFA 119-25-2 forms will be sent to the NFA so each student’s course work is available by transcript if requested. 

d.    Course certificates cannot be issued if the student has not signed the roster and submitted an NFA form with their SID#.

* Note: Contact Rebecca Bestul at the Wyoming Fire Academy at (307) 857-9253 or rebecca.bestul@wyo.gov to obtain any course materials and handouts at least thirty (30) days in advance of holding the class