Division Personnel



Jane Allred

Chief Electrical Inspector, Cheyenne Office

The Chief Electrical Inspector is the supervisor of the electrical safety division and oversees the licensing, permitting and inspections done by the division.

Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety

320 West 25th St, 3rd Floor

Cheyenne, WY 82001

Phone: 307-777-7288

Email: jane.allred@wyo.gov

Dave Harley

Electrical License Enforcement Officer and Fire Investigator - IAAI-CFI (V)

Dave Harley conducts electrical licensing checks throughout the state. Enforcement is accomplished by assisting electricians to meet compliance with Wyoming State Statutes. He is Law Enforcement P.O.S.T certified and may, if needed, enforce the statutes via citations.

Phone: 307-631-8662

Email: dave.harley@wyo.gov

Gregg Lassle

Electrical Plans Examiner, Sheridan Office

Gregg Lassle is responsible for performing electrical plan reviews to ensure code compliance. He also generates electrical plan review reports.

Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety

2100 West 5th

Sheridan, WY 82801

Phone: 307-673-4399

Email: gregory.lassle@wyo.gov

Bridget Carson

Licensing Specialist, Records and Data Management, Cheyenne Office

Bridget Carson is responsible for exam and reciprocal applications. The issuing of new Journeyman, Master and Low Voltage/Limited Technicians. Licensing of Elevator Technicians, Apprentice Electrician and Apprentice Technician licenses for the State of Wyoming.

Specializes in assisting large out of state Electrical and Low Voltage/Limited Contractors and employee licensing that are coming into the State of Wyoming.

Website and eLicense Portal Administrator.

Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety

320 West 25th St, 3rd Floor

Cheyenne, WY 82001

Phone: 307-777-7907

Email: bridget.carson@wyo.gov

William O'Donnell

Office Support Specialist, Cheyenne Office

William O'Donnell is responsible for Master, Journeyman, Electrical Contractor and Low Voltage/Limited license renewals. Licenses new Electrical, Low Voltage/Limited contractors. and issues license verification letters. Handles licensing questions and eLicense portal user assistance/issues for the State of Wyoming.

Specializes in Electrical Wiring Permits and issues with wiring permits.

Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety

320 West 25th St, 3rd Floor

Cheyenne, WY 82001

Phone: 307-777-7992

Email: william.odonnell@wyo.gov

State of Wyoming Electrical Inspectors

Jon Faler


Email: jon.faler@wyo.gov

Counties: Sheridan, Johnson, Town of Wright, Crook County, Weston County

Steven Greenwell



Counties: Lincoln, Uinta, Teton - (Licensing Only), Sublette, Sweetwater

Vacant: Please Contact Cheyenne Office for Assistance


Counties: Big Horn, Park, Washakie

Rick Michon



Counties: Converse, Niobrara, Platte, Goshen

Borgia Noel



Counties: Carbon, Albany, Laramie (Pine Bluffs, Burns,& Albin only)

Dan Tobin



Counties: Hot Springs, Fremont