Certification and Testing  


Wyoming Firefighter Voluntary Certification Program  

The Wyoming Firefighters Voluntary Certification Program has been in existence since 1980. The certification Program is an accredited entity of Pro Board. 

The purpose of the program is to provide firefighters a pathway to certification, using the NFPA Standards which set the guidelines for each certification offered. This provides a standardized training format for firefighters to use throughout the state. 

Written/Online examination information:   

Written Exam Information Sheet                         

Written Exam Tester Instruction Form

Online Exam Instruction Form

Examination Attendance Roster                           

SFMO Roster Form

Request for Accommodations for Certification Examinations

Skills Examination Information and equipment required:  

Skill Exam Information                                       

Skills Exam Tester Instruction Form

* Note: A request for written/online examinations must be sent to the Certification Officer 14 days prior to the scheduled testing date.

*Note: A request for skills examinations must be sent to the Certification Officer 30 days prior to the scheduled testing date.

Questions? Contact Rebecca Bestul, Certification Coordinator at (307) 857-9253 or rebecca.bestul@wyo.gov.

Training Forms

Firefighter Written/Manipulative Skills Examination Request Form

Firefighter Certification Request Form

Tester Instructions for Comprehensive Examination

Wyoming State Firefighter Course Equivalence Form

Wyoming State Firefighters Reciprocity Request Form

Wyoming State Firefighter Recognition of Prior Learning Request Form

Online Course Evaluation Form

Course Evaluation Form

Live Fire Verification Form

State Training Roster

Certification Tester Information

Certification Testers volunteer to administer written, online and skills examinations throughout the state, providing a standardized evaluation process for written, online and skills testing and assure every candidate is evaluated in a fair and consistent manner. They are the “backbone" of the certification program, taking time on a voluntary basis to assist with written and skills evaluations on behalf of the DFPES.

If you are interesting in becoming a Certification Tester for the DFPES please contact Rebecca Bestul, Certification Coordinator,  at (307) 857-9253 or rebecca.bestul@wyo.gov.

Certification Tester Course Request

NEW Online Certification Tester Course Instructions

Certification Tester Manual 

Certification Tester Update

Everyone Goes Home Safe”  

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Wyoming Firefighters Certification Committee

Committee members function as a liaison between the fire service and the State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO).  The committee serves in an advisory capacity to consider needs and plans of the SFMO – Training Section. The committee will also act on other certification issues identified or referred to the committee.

The committee shall meet a minimum of twice each year. 

Additional meetings may be requested by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Wyoming Fire Service Personnel interested in serving on the committee can click here for more information.

Download the full WFCC Current Members List 

 Meeting Minutes

Certification Tester Directory

Certification Testers