Fire Service Directory

The Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety is pleased to present 

The Wyoming State Fire Service Directory. 

Please remember, the directory is only as good as the information provided to this office.  The intent of the directory is to inform the fire service, citizens, and other agencies how and where to reach you, and whom they should contact for particular services. 

We are dependent upon you to notify us of any erroneous listings or when any changes occur.  I invite you to call our office at any time with updated information.  Comments or suggestions that will make the directory more useful and effective for its intended purpose are most welcome. 

We have been working hard to get our Fire Service Directory up to date. If there is any information that is incorrect or if you would to update the information for your Fire Department please CLICK HERE. You may also download this PDF that you can either save and fill out on your computer or print off, fill out, scan and email, or mail.

If you would like to update any other information please feel free to contact:

We are pleased to present the Fire Service Directory. For your convenience you are able to download the document to your device or view it on our website. Some of the directory has been broken down into sections that you will find below. The Fire Service Directory has more information listed for some of the fire departments than the interactive directory. 

To download or print the Fire Service Directory Click Here.

Fire Department Directory WEB

Every effort will be made to keep this directory up to date as soon as we have been notified of any changes. 

They will also be updated on a yearly bases.